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Top 5 massage tips

Five top tips before having some relaxing treatments Getting a massage can be both relaxing and therapeutic. Follow these ten tips to ensure that you get the most out of your massage treatment!   Massage Tip 1: Skip the lotions, potions, and notions.   If you routinely apply lotion you may want to skip this […]

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Special Treatments

Reduce waxing pain? Yes you can! The first time getting waxed in an area hurts the most and does get less painful each time after. Hard to believe when your hair has just been ripped out for the first time, but it's true. Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce waxing pain, […]

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Beauty tips – Did you know?

SMOOTH OPERATOR  'If you have frizzy hair but don't like using styling products, squeeze lemon or lime juice in your shampoo and conditioner. The juices are cleansing and high in acidity, which helps to close the hair cuticle. The result? An impossibly smooth and sleek hairdo'  Paul Falltrick - Matrix LIPSTICK THAT LASTS  'Even the best […]

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